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Real Estate Tips and Advice Book – RETA

RETA Answers all those nagging queries, quandaries and questions about real estate, property investment, building and renovation you always wanted to know. Plus Tips & Advice from Industry Experts.



RETA is a book for people who are:

  • Looking to buy their first home and want solid, sensible advice from industry leaders they can trust
  • Intending to build their own home for the first time, and are not sure where to start
  • Keen to invest in property to earn additional income and reduce tax … but are concerned about the potential pitfalls
  • Keen to sell their own home, and would like to increase the selling price by taking advantage of some simple techniques and tricks to add value and stand out from the crowd
  • Faced with the need to add on extra rooms to their existing home in order to meet the needs of a growing family – or welcome an elderly relative to the property
  • Motivated to renovate to improve lifestyle and property value
  • Interested in keeping up-to-date with trends and learning how to create wealth from land, bricks and mortar.

If you’re interested in getting ahead through property investment and making more informed real estate decisions, this is the book for you!


The original vision for RETA was to create a comprehensive handbook that would assist homeowners and prospective purchasers to make better, more informed decisions across a range of relevant topics covering issues like:

  • Maximising the value of your home when the time comes to sell
  • Improving presentation and street appeal at minimal cost
  • Knowing how to impress prospective purchasers at ‘home opens’
  • Competing, and winning, the race to sell your home against all the other ‘For Sale’ signs in the neighbourhood
  • Understanding how to choose and appoint a great agent who will work their magic for you
  • Appreciating all the nuances of the buying, selling and negotiation processes
  • Coming to grips with conveyancing, legal matters and everything you need to know about the experience of building a new home from the ground up

This is a living, evolving book that has the potential to be much more and your RETA journey begins here in the pages of our book. Welcome to the RETA Experience.

RETA - The Video