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Real Estate Activity Book – Review Page Answers

  1. Are most cottages new or old? – Old.
  2. If you like gardening what property shouldn’t you buy? – Apartment
  3. Unscramble the letters ptramtena – Apartment
  4. If I am tall and skinny what property is like me? – Terrace Houses
  5. What does appraise mean? – To decide what the house is worth, and what a buyer is likely to pay for it.
  6. I like views and being up high: which home would best suit me? – Penthouse
  7. I am fit and able to climb stairs, so I could live in a… – Two Storey
  8. Flats can also be called Apartments and … – Units
  9. Unscramble the letters noisnam… – Mansion

How many did you get correct?


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